Baseboard heaters are an alternative heating option that, like their name suggests, are installed along the baseboards in the various rooms of your home. Due to their distinctive method of installation and operation, they offer a number of unique benefits when compared to more traditional central heating units and space heaters. Understanding what baseboard heaters have to offer your home can help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for your heating needs.

Quiet Operation

Unlike central heating units and most space heaters, baseboard heating units do not have any fans, blowers, or other moving parts that are used to move heat throughout your home. Instead, normal air flow is what allows the heat to spread. This means that you won't be woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of your heater starting up.

Ease of Installation

Baseboard heaters do not require any ductwork or an extensive installation process. They are simply screwed and wired in along the baseboards. While this gives the obvious benefit of cutting down on installation time and costs, it also means that baseboard heaters can be installed almost anywhere, as long as electrical wiring can be placed in the wall. This also means that baseboard heaters can be easily retrofitted into older homes where ductwork would be expensive and impractical.

Reduced Energy Waste

Because each baseboard heater is controlled independently from each other, you can customize the amount of heat that your home receives. By only heating the rooms where you are spending time in, you can cut down on your energy use when compared to central heating systems (which heat the entire house at once) and reduce your energy bills in the process.

Ease of Maintenance

In the same vein as the first two points, baseboard heaters do not have any moving parts and are not very complicated in their setup. This means that you don't have any air filters to change, ducts to clean, or moving parts to repair over time. Besides ensuring that your units are clean and there isn't anything flammable near them, baseboard heaters are maintenance free.

Low Profile

As their name would suggest, baseboard heaters are installed along the baseboards of your home. This provides a space saving heating solution that is ideal for small homes or apartments, where space is at a minimum. This allows you to still enjoy the benefits of heating units within your home while freeing up floor space for more design options. Talk to a contractor, like Ricks Repair Service, for more help.