If water leaks from the condensate, or drainage, line inside the home, and you can't unclog it no matter what you do, try to clear the line from the outside of the house. If the line empties or exits onto the ground instead of into a pumping station, dirt, grass and insects can enter and block it. The water will back up into the AC closet and drip onto the flooring instead. You can stop the leaking water with the tips below.

Gather Up Your Supplies 

To unclog the end of the condensate line, you'll need to obtain a:

  1. Large bucket 
  2. Thick tarp
  3. Thin wire brush with long handle
  4. Wet vacuum with thin hose

After you obtain what you need, it's time to clear the drainage line.

Unclog the Line

You'll need to do a few things inside the home before you can move outside to work on the drainage line. First, disconnect electrical power to your cooling system to avoid electrical shocks and other injuries. Next, place the tarp over the air handler's flooring, then position the bucket beneath the condensate line. Detach the condensate line from the drainage pan located below the evaporator coil, which is the large pyramid-shaped piece inside the unit. Water should flow out of the line and into the bucket.

Now, move outside the home and follow these steps:

  1. Insert the wire brush inside the line's opening to clean it out. You want to remove as much debris as you can before you use the vacuum.
  2. Place the vacuum's hose inside or over the line, then turn it on medium. You should hear a suctioning sound as the vacuum removes the clog. 
  3. Turn off the vacuum, then place a small container beneath the line.
  4. Move to the inside of the home.

To check and see if the line is clear, pour a glass of water down it. Now, check the container outside to see if it contains the water you just poured through the line. If so, you cleared away the clog. Remove the tarp, clean up the AC closet and return power to your cooling system. Be sure to remove any debris from around the condensate line outside the home to keep it clear.

However, if the container is dry and the clog remains, contact an AC repair company for services. There may be something wrong with the line that requires a replacement or repairs.