A baseboard heater that is connected to a natural gas boiler may not provide adequate heating if the vents are clogged with debris. Learn how to clean a baseboard heater's interior with the following steps. Warm air will evenly blow through the vents in the heater's cover once you have finished.


  • rubber gloves
  • vacuum cleaner with hose attachment
  • handheld scrub brush
  • adjustable pliers
  • spray bottle
  • detergent
  • water
  • lint-free cloths

Remove Loose Debris And Vacuum The Interior Components

Disconnect the power running to the baseboard heater. Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Lift the heater's cover and remove any large pieces of debris that are stuck inside of the unit by hand. Use a vacuum cleaner's hose or brush attachment to suck up dust that is stuck in crevices inside of the unit. If any debris is lodged between small pieces, move a handheld scrub brush over them. Once they are loosened, suck them up with the vacuum cleaner's attachment.

Inspect The Heater Fins And Clean The Heater's Interior

Inspect the row of heater fins that run across the center of the baseboard heater. The fins are made out of metal and need to be lined up properly in order to transfer warm air through the unit. If any of the metal pieces are bent, straighten them by grasping the end of each one with a pair of adjustable pliers and bending the metal until it is lined up the correct way.

Add equal amounts of detergent and water to a spray bottle. Spray the unit's interior walls with the cleaning solution and wipe them with a lint-free cloth. Spray some of the solution onto another cloth and wipe each of the heater's fins. Once the inside of the heater is clean use a clean cloth that has been dampened with water to wipe down the same parts of the heater. Dry the unit's interior with another cloth.

Inspect The Cover's Vents

Inspect the vents in the heater's cover. If any dirt is trapped inside of them, remove it with a vacuum cleaner's hose attachment. Wipe the cover off with a damp cloth to remove any dust that is on its surface. Dry the cover and close it when you have finished. Turn on the power to the heater and adjust the thermostat. Warm air should blow evenly through the vents. Keep the baseboard heater maintained by inspecting it regularly and removing dust that is trapped inside of it with a vacuum cleaner's attachment when necessary.

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