If your air conditioning is not currently working or performing at its best, then you may be considering replacing it. However, before you do this, you will want to consider whether or not repairs will help resolve the problem. Here are four repairs to consider before replacing your air conditioner:

  1. Warranty Repairs: If your air conditioner is 10 years old or younger, then it is likely still under warranty. You should check with the company from which the air conditioner was purchased to determine whether or not repairs that are needed can be done under the terms of the warranty. If not, then you can pay out of pocket for repairs. However, if the air conditioner is exactly 10 years old, then replacement may be the best investment to make. 
  2. Repairs After 10 Years: Once your air conditioner is 10 years and older, then you will want to consider how well you have maintained the air conditioner over the years. If it has been well maintained, then the parts that make up the AC unit should be in relatively good condition. In most cases, repairs are going to be cheaper and less complicated if the AC has been well cared for, making repairs the better investment at this point instead of replacement. 
  3. Repairs for an Electrical Problem: If the problem with your air conditioner is an electrical problem, this is something that is easy to repair. Even if your AC is older than 10 years, an electrical problem is something worth repairing instead of having the whole system replaced. This is because electrical problems don't usually indicate that there is anything wrong with the main components inside of the unit. 
  4. Expert Opinion: Finally, before deciding on replacement or repairs fully, you should have an expert (such as one from Advanced Heating & Cooling) come out to perform an inspection. This way, you can determine the whole extent of the problem with your AC unit. If the problems are worse than you initially thought, then the expert may recommend replacement. Having their opinion weighed in on the matter is important since they will know whether or not certain repairs are more or less extensive. 

When you know these repairs to consider before replacing the air conditioner in your home, you can be sure that you are not wasting your money on replacing an air conditioner that could have easily been repaired for much less. In the end, you will make the best possible investment decision.