Are you glad that the summer is finally over? Are you looking forward to snowy weather where you don't have to worry about running your air conditioner? Although you're no longer using the air conditioner to cool off your home, autumn and early winter are important times for your air conditioning unit. In order to make sure that your air conditioner continues to function next year and for many years to come, it's important to perform the correct air conditioning maintenance steps. Here are some things that you should do before the snow flies:

Change the filter: Don't leave an old filter in your air conditioner over winter. While an old filter isn't going to harm your system if you leave it in place, it's all too easy to forget exactly when you last changed the filter and whether the filter was a month old or perhaps even older before you shut off the unit for the year. As a result, when spring comes around, you could start running the air conditioner with a filter that actually should have been replaced. With this bit of preventative air conditioning maintenance, the "timer" for the filter will start running in the spring instead of at some half-forgotten point before winter.

Cover the unit: If your air conditioner isn't a combination air conditioning unit and furnace, an essential part of air conditioning maintenance is to make sure that the unit is covered once you turn it off for the last time in the autumn. A good cover will help prevent precipitation, such as rain and snow, from causing corrosion while the unit is dormant for the winter. A good cover will also prevent vermin like rodents, lizards, or insects from crawling into your air conditioner and using it as a living space during the winter months. 

Call a professional: While there are definitely aspects of air conditioning maintenance that you can perform on your own, you should call in a professional, like Air Cool AC Inc, to get tips tailored specifically towards your make and model of unit. The maintenance technician can also run a check on your air conditioner to make sure that everything is intact and ready to be started up again once the weather warms up for the spring and summer months. He or she will look for any parts that are starting to show wear and can replace them now before they become an expensive issue during the next year.