Every household needs a way to dispose their garbage. Proper disposal prevents the spread of disease and pollution. It allows your environment to stay habitable for humans, animals, and plants.

A garbage disposal is an important appliance for a household. It gives a family a way to dispose of their food. If you did not have one, then you would have to manually dispose of old food. Read on to find out how to look for signs that your garbage disposal may need plumbing services.

Makes A Humming Sound

It is not a good sign to hear a humming noise when turning on your garbage disposal. A humming noise means the appliance is probably jammed. It comes from the impellers inside of the disposal being stuck; the impeller is one of the main parts connected to the pump, and it is made up of blades that are used to grind up any garbage that comes down the drain.

The natural instinct is to put your hand down the drain, but that is not a good idea. If you want to check for a jam, then you need to turn off the breaker to your garbage disposal. Shutting off the power allows you to take off the bottom of the unit to remove the blockage. If you are not experienced with this type of repair, then you should call your local plumbing repair services.

Makes No Sound

If you turn on your garbage disposal and hear no sound, the appliance may be overheating. When a garbage disposal gets too full, it can overheat and shut off power to your breaker box. You need to look for a red reset button up under your unit and push it. Your garbage disposal should come back on. If not, you need to check your breaker box for a blown fuse.

Check For Leaks

Leaks are a common problem and occur for a variety of reasons. If you notice a leak, it is easy to think something is wrong with the quality of the appliance. These leaks often occur from improper installation or from the pipes. However, you will need a plumber to diagnose the problem and find the location of the leak.

If you are worried about cost, you should check for a manufacturer's warranty. A valid warranty can cover some of your repairs. If not, you may have to buy a new garbage disposal out of pocket.