When a furnace is working properly, you should only hear it cycle on and off periodically. It does this to maintain a certain temperature level. Ideally, the furnace should only cycle a few times each hour. However, if you notice excessive cycling or if it stays on constantly, there could be a problem that needs attention. This irregular cycling is not only bad for your HVAC, but it also causes higher heating costs. Here are some reasons why your furnace may be cycling too often:

Your Air Filter Needs Changing

An air filter full of dust and debris prevents any air from flowing through the system. After a while, the furnace will get too hot and shut off. This is the easiest and least expensive fix for the homeowner. You only need to change the filter or clean it, if you have the type you can reuse.

Your Thermostat is Malfunctioning

Another potential cause for your furnace cycling too often is an improperly functioning thermostat. This could be a simple problem, such as a dead battery, or the problem could be due to a circuitry issue within the panel.

Another issue thermostats often have is when they are placed too close to your heating system. The thermostat believes the home is fully tempered when it is only measuring the air near the heat source, thus giving off an inaccurate reading. You can have your HVAC technician move your thermostat to a more manageable location.

You Have a Bigger Furnace Than You Need

Another problem you could have is a furnace too large for your home. This is going to be a major repair, as the system will need to be exchanged with one more suitable for your home's size. To fully determine if this is your problem, you will need to consult with a licensed HVAC technician. He or she can evaluate your current furnace and tell you if this is your problem.

Large furnaces in small homes will heat the home, then lower in temperature faster. This prevents the ability to maintain a constant temperature. Thus, the furnace will continue to turn on over and over in an attempt to maintain temperature.

If you have any questions about your furnace, or if you think you are in need of a heating furnace repair, please contact your local licensed HVAC technician. They will come out to give your HVAC a tune up and determine the issue.