In addition to having immediate impacts on your home's comfort, making mistakes with your air conditioning system can increase the risk of it suffering extensive damage. There are a few mistakes that homeowners should be particularly diligent about avoiding.

Letting The Area Around The Exterior Unit Become Overgrown

The grass and bushes near your exterior air conditioning system may not seem as though they are important. However, they can have major impacts if they are allowed to grow too close to the unit, including restricted airflow, increased debris in the system, and a higher pollen levels for the interior of your home.

Preventing these particular issues will require you to trim these plants as far from the exterior unit as possible. Homeowners that are using these plants to hide the exterior unit may not want to do this, but it can be necessary for improving your system's performance and maximizing its lifespan.

Failing To Replace The System's Refrigerant

The refrigerant that allows your system to cool air will gradually degrade. When homeowners fail to change their system's refrigerant according to the recommended schedule, its overall performance can rapidly deteriorate. Changing the refrigerant may not seem like it will be difficult, but it will also be necessary for you to dispose of the old refrigerant in an environmentally compliant manner.

This can be difficult and expensive for an individual homeowner to do. A better alternative can be to allow a professional air conditioning technician perform this work as they will be able to safely and economically dispose of the old refrigerant.

Allowing Pests To Nest In The System

When it comes to protecting a home from pests, homeowners will often focus their attention on the home's interior and the perimeter of the house. Yet, the air conditioning unit can be a major target for pests due to the shelter and shade that it can offer. Once pests have infested the air conditioning system, they can easily move to the home's interior. Not surprisingly, pest problems that are originating from the air conditioning system can be particularly difficult to eliminate as the pests can hide throughout the ducting.

Preventing this problem from arising in the first place will be the preferable option. However, it will require you including treating the exterior unit with pest repellents. This might require the system being turned off while the treatment is applied and drying. Luckily, this should only need to be done every month or two to keep your system protected against rodents, insects and other common pests.

For more information, reach out to an AC installation and repair professional in your area today.