Dealing with an old, outdated furnace is a problem that many Americans currently face. While the best course would be to write the check to replace it with a new, dependable model, budget concerns may cause families to try to postpone this big-ticket expense until their finances are in better shape. If you are a homeowner who is hoping to get just a few more months of service from an ancient furnace, here are three proactive suggestions to consider. 

Take some of the strain off your aging system

The first proactive suggestion can help you prolong the life of your existing furnace by removing some of the strain. Some good suggestions for this include the following: 

  • Have the family dress warmer at home and dropping the thermostat settings to 65 degrees around the clock.
  • Use any existing alternative heat sources your home may have to assist in warming the living spaces, such as fireplaces and gas or electric space heaters.
  • Cover windows with insulated draperies and using draft stoppers on exterior doors to reduce heat loss.

Your furnace can also do its job with less stress when the filter is clean, so it is also important to change your filter more often during the heating season. 

Make low-cost improvements in your home to boost HVAC efficiency

Another proactive idea to help extend the lifespan of an unreliable heating system is to eliminate other factors in the home that may be creating unnecessary wear on the components. Spending a few hours on the weekend to add some inexpensive insulation to your attic or to install covers on crawl space vents can help to cut down on heat loss in your home and extend the lifespan of a furnace that is ripe for replacement. 

Have the system professionally serviced and evaluated

Even old furnaces may still have some life left in them if they are well maintained. Homeowners who are worried about the age and condition of their furnace may be able to get some definitive answers about how long they can expect it to work by having it professionally serviced and evaluated by a reputable HVAC contractor in their area. 

In addition to cleaning and adjusting all components, the technician will be able to look for signs of wear or damage that may be making your system less reliable. During this visit, homeowners should also ask the technician to evaluate the system to make sure it is properly sized to meet the needs of their home.

Call a furnace repair service today for help with your furnace.