Have you finally given up on having several repairs each year and have a new central heating system installed? If so, the HVAC company you purchased the system from probably explained that the installation process may be a messy and time consuming job. The good news is, if you prepare for the installation ahead of time, it can make the process less stressful. Here a few tips to help you get through a central heating installation without becoming too overwhelmed.

Clear the Area

Moving all of the furniture and other items out of the area where the heater will be installed will prevent the installers from having to work around obstructions, which can slow them down. It's also a good idea to clear all large pieces of furniture out of the way to make a path for the installers to have room to carry in the new system and the equipment they will use for the installation.

Invest in Plastic Covers

Depending on how old your current system is, the installers may need to create an entirely new space for the installation of your new heating system, which will require some hammering, drilling, and pulling out old equipment. If the new system fits in the same area, you shouldn't have to worry about the installers doing too much hammering or drilling. However, it's a good idea to go ahead and use plastic covers to protect the area surrounding the installation. If you have carpet, you should consider covering it as well to prevent the risk of excessive dust getting in the fibers.

Cleaning Up

Once the system has been installed, make sure to carefully inspect the area to see if any paint on the walls was chipped or if the floor tiles were disturbed. If so, it'll be less stressful to go ahead and make these small repairs while it's fresh on your mind. If the new system is a different size than the old system, then once the heating installation is done, you may notice the floor tiles that were under the old unit are now noticeable and are probably dusty. Simply use your regular floor cleaner to remove the buildup that was hidden under the old heating system.

Before the installers leave, be sure to ask about how often you should change the filter and if there is anything you should be aware of with the new system that is different from the old system. If you notice any problems with the new system, be sure to contact the company you purchased the system from as soon as you are aware of the problem.