While much has been said and written about the importance of being proactive about filter changes in your home's air conditioning system, many homeowners may still be a little fuzzy on why it is such as crucial factor. If you are one of the homeowners currently pondering this question, the following information can help answer your questions and encourage you to be more proactive about providing frequent filter changes for your air conditioning system. 

Dust is destructive

Dust particles are tiny, but their sharp edges can make them particularly destructive, especially when they settle into tiny openings in electrical connections and mechanical components inside the air conditioner.

If allowed to build up, such as when the filter is not changed on a regular basis, they can also cause heat to become trapped in these components resulting in a higher chance that they will fail sooner than they otherwise might. Dust can also settle on the blades of the fans used in central air conditioning systems to move the cooled air throughout the home. As the dust builds up, weight is exerted on the fan's blades, causing a drag effect that requires more energy and can shorten the lifespan of the fan, as well as belts, bearings, and pulleys.  

Clogs bog down the system

Dust that is allowed to build up in thick layers on the surface of the filter can make it much harder for air to move through the system. When this happens, homeowners may find that their home no longer reaches the level of cool comfort they prefer. 

Homeowners may also notice sharply rising energy bills if their central air conditioning system is allowed to run with with a clogged filter. This occurs because the system will continue to try and cool the home according to the thermostat setting, but will struggle to do so. This can mean that the system runs far more than it should. 

In addition to having a poor cooling experience when the filter is clogged and experiencing higher cooling bills, homeowners may also see an uptick in the amount of repair issues the experience. Clogged filters require many of the system's parts to start up more often and operate for longer periods of time, both of which can lead to shortened lifespan of both the components and the entire air conditioning system. 

To learn more about the importance of frequent filter changes, take time to speak with air conditioning maintenance and repair companies like ABCO Mechanical Corp.