A new air conditioning unit can mean that there are much more comfortable days ahead of you, but first you need to have the unit installed. On the day of installation, your tech will be removing the old unit, installing the new, and making sure everything is operating properly. To ensure the best possible installation, there are a few things that you should do to prepare.

Schedule a duct cleaning

Dust, mold, and other debris in your duct system can blow into your home or recirculate through the air conditioner unit. Get your new AC off on the right food—and keep all the dirt out of it—by having the ducts cleaned in advance of the installation. Most duct cleanings also come with an inspection of the system. This provides you the opportunity to discover and repair any damaged ducts so that your new unit can cool as well as possible. Duct issues can lead to poor cooling or decreased efficiency with your new AC unit, which is definitely something that you want to avoid.

Clear the area

Your installation tech will be working both outside and inside the home. Make sure the exterior unit is easily accessible. Clean leaves and debris from around the unit and cut back any grass that has encroached on the AC pad. The tech should be able to easily walk from their truck to the unit. Further, your tech will need to access any HVAC components located inside, including the thermostat and the breaker box, so you want to have clear, safe paths indoors as well. If your tech will be replacing, extending, or repairing any ducts, especially those running through a crawlspace or attic, ensure that the access routes are open and clear.

Keep pets and children safe

Children and pets can be naturally curious, but you need to keep them away from the technician and the AC unit during installation. Keep both pets and children indoors. Pets should be placed in a room with a closed doors or inside their crate, if applicable. Kids can be enthralled with the installation process, but it is important to keep them out of the way so that they don't injure themselves. Open doors and gates can lead to pets getting out or young children wandering off while you are distracted, so have a plan to keep them safe during installation.

Contact an AC installation service in your area for more help.