Has your air conditioner suddenly stopped working? Do you think that you need a new air conditioner but that's something you simply can't afford right now? Of all the appliances in your home, an air conditioner can be one of the most costly. Fortunately, just as with any other appliance, a breakdown doesn't mean that the air conditioner is completely dead. While you'll need a professional to check out the unit and tell you for sure, there are various indications that things might not be as bad as you've been dreading. A few of these things include the following.

Lack of increased utility bills: If your electricity bill keeps increasing in price and you can't figure out why, then the reason may well be a failing air conditioning unit. Higher temperatures will lead to an increased electric bill but a failing air conditioner will often draw in significantly more power even when the temperature hasn't changed all that much. On the other hand, if your utility bills have remained relatively stable even though you've been using the air conditioner due to increased temperatures, then that's a good sign that the issue may be a single part that can be replaced relatively easily by a qualified air conditioning repair technician.

Quiet operation: As an air conditioner ages, various parts can start to wear away and may grind against one another. Hearing whirring, grinding, clicking, etc. when your air conditioner is on may mean that the issue isn't a simple air conditioning repair. If your air conditioner has been running quietly and seemingly smoothly up until the last day or two then that may mean that there's nothing seriously wrong with your unit. Instead of having to spend money on a new air conditioner unit and having to wait until it arrives, you may be able to get the current one repaired in a matter of hours.

No smell: A failing air conditioner can smell like a lot of things, depending on what is wrong with it. It may smell like burning, in which case it needs to be shut off immediately and you need to make an urgent call to get an air conditioning repair technician to look at it. In less severe cases, it may smell musty or "old" when it is running. But when there are no strange smells at all, this is often a good sign that there are no serious issues with the unit and that a simple repair will do the trick.

Reach out to a local air conditioning repair service for more information.