An air conditioning system that is not functioning as intended can have severe effects on life inside your home. While some air conditioner problems will be fairly obvious, others may be issues that a homeowner may not have anticipated occurring.

Difficulties Controlling The Temperature

While a homeowner may assume that their air conditioning system will simply stop blowing cold air when it malfunctions, this is not the only malfunction that it can experience. In fact, it is possible for the air conditioning system to experience a range of issues that could impair its ability to regulate the temperature in the home. For example, issues with the thermostat could cause the unit to continue blowing cold air into the house long after the desired temperature is reached. Conversely, the system may simply fail to activate when the interior of the home starts to become too warm.

Faulty Blower Belt

The blower belt can be one of the components of the air conditioning system that can be at the greatest risk of suffering a significant failure. In extreme instances, this belt can snap, which can completely stop the movement of cool air into the home, and it can even cause secondary damage as a result of the snapped belt impacting other components. Another problem the blower belt could encounter is becoming warped. Once it warps, it may no longer be able to effectively drive the fan for the blower. While there is little that can be done to extend the life of your blower's fan belt, you can limit the damage and disruption risks by having the unit serviced by an air conditioning repair professional at the first sign of problems.  

Bent Vent Fins  

The exterior vents of the air conditioning unit will have a series of small fins that will be used to filter out large objects from entering the system. Unfortunately, these fins can be relatively delicate, and it can be easy for them to become bent. If enough of these vents become bent, they can restrict the airflow into the unit. Homeowners may assume that repairing warped vent fins will be extremely difficult. In reality, this can be a simple task for a professional air conditioning repair technicians. These individuals will be able to use fin combs to straighten out these components so that the airflow to the HVAC system will be fully restored. In most cases, this can fully restore the airflow to the unit without the need to have the fins completely replaced. While fin replacement would not be an expensive repair, it would be more disruptive and costly than using a comb fin to repair the system.

For more information, reach out to an air conditioning repair professional.