Central air conditioners are vital in Florida, Texas, and other states that are consistently reporting record high temperatures in their regions. While your system may be working to the max to keep your house cool, you should not be seeing a substantial increase in your electric bill if there is simply no reason for it. So, if your electric bill jumps by a few hundred dollars, you need to call an HVAC professional for a repair like one of the listed ones. 

Fan Replacement

Every central AC system has two fans that work to ensure the efficiency of your unit. The one on the outside unit forces heat away from the device and the one inside the home works to move cool air through your ducts. If either of the fans does not work, then your unit will need to work harder to cool air and this results in increased energy usage.

A failing outdoor fan will lead to a warm coolant. This coolant is pumped into the home and is not capable of pulling much more heat from the air. And, the unit will have to continually turn on until enough heat is removed. In many cases, the AC system may run two to three times longer than it normally would. 

When it comes to the blower fan, cool air will not move through the ducts and vents as it should. It may instead escape through the ones in your basement. A good indication of this is a basement space that is 10 degrees or more cooler than the rest of your home.

In the case where a fan has failed, your HVAC professional will replace it and this should reduce your electric bill immediately. 

Valve Replacement

There are two very important valves in your air conditioning system that ensure proper function and failure of either of them can increase your energy usage. So, your HVAC professional will investigate these valves and replace them if there is a need.

The valves are called thermal expansion valves and allow for the expansion and movement of the coolant as it expands and contracts. This helps to ensure proper movement and volume of the refrigerant. When the valves are not working correctly, the refrigerant may not go through the proper phase changes and the result will be poor cooling ability.

There is one valve located within the outside AC unit and one on the inside unit. Both will be checked and replaced if there is a need. 

To learn more about the AC repair port, contact a local company near you.