When there is severe weather, you may be dealing with different damage types when the weather clears. Sometimes, the damage that storms cause may not be apparent at first. This is because problems with debris or electrical storms can damage mechanical systems like your air conditioner. So, what type of air conditioning repairs will you need after storms knock out your AC?

1. Electrical storms and AC damage

One of the biggest causes of issues with AC systems being damaged during storms is lightning. This is because lightning strikes cause severe damage to units and components if the system is hit. Some of the problems that you may have if lightning includes have hit your air conditioning:

  • Damage to the compressor
  • Burnt electrical components
  • Short circuits and damaged wiring
  • Broken control units and thermostat

These are the electrical problems that are often caused by electrical storms. If there is electrical damage after a storm, you will want to contact an AC repair technician for help with repairs.

2. Debris damaging AC units during storms

The debris can also cause problems with your air conditioning during a storm. This can be due to wind-blown debris or trees that you have near your home. If the damage is only dents and dings to the unit, it can usually easily be fixed. Sometimes, the damage is more serious, and you are going to need to inspect the unit. Inspect the unit's components and all the wiring to ensure that it is intact and has not been damaged. When there is damage to the unit from debris, make sure the power is off and clean up around the AC before beginning repairs. 

Issues with ducts and water damage

Another unexpected problem that you may need to deal with after storms are water problems. These issues often start with leaks or flooding, but they can also affect air conditioning. Some of the water problems that you may have to deal with after a storm include:

  • Water getting in the AC unit and causing problems
  • Insulation of ducts getting damp and causing moisture problems
  • Issues with water causing electrical and short circuit problems

The water damage caused by storms often affects areas of your HVAC system like the ductwork.

After a storm causes damage to your AC, you should get the system back on quickly. Call an air conditioning repair service for help with these repairs after severe weather.