When your air conditioner stops working, you want to make sure that you get it going again as soon as possible. No one wants to be hot and sticky when they are in their house. If your AC does stop working, then you need to call an HVAC company so that they can come and check out your air conditioner for you, but there are things that you can do to help you while you are waiting for someone to come check everything out for you and hopefully get your AC working again. 

1. Check Your Thermostat

One of the things that you can do is to check your thermostat. It's pretty easy to do. First, you want to check to make sure that the thermostat is set to cool. The switch may have gotten knocked out of position. It could even look like it's in the cool position, but the switch isn't all the way over. Once you have done that, set your thermostat down as cold as it will go. It doesn't need to stay that way for very long, you are just going to wait for a few minutes to see if setting the thermostat so low will trigger the air conditioner to turn on. If the AC does come on, you may need a new thermostat because the one you have isn't set correctly. 

2. Check Your Circuit Breaker

You should also check your circuit breaker to make sure that the circuit that the air conditioning unit is connected to is turned on. Try flipping it off and back on. Sometimes the breaker just needs to be reset and flipping it off then back on will do that. If your circuit breaker was already off and you turn it back on, only for it to flip back into the off position, leave it like that. That can be a sign that there is something wrong with the electrical system and your air conditioning system. You will need to wait for a professional to come and check out the system to make sure that nothing is wrong with it. You don't want to keep trying to force the circuit to stay connected if it keeps going off, because that can cause permanent damage. 

If you are stuck getting hot under the collar because your AC has stopped working, there are things that you can do that may help you get it running while you are waiting for the HVAC service tech to come.