Your air conditioner is essential to your home. When it is functional, you will have a comfortable house in the summer and the indoor air quality will be excellent. On the other hand, when the system starts failing, you can expect all manner of complications like stuffiness and a total system breakdown. It is advisable to always be on the lookout for signs of air conditioner complications. Here are three ways you can tell that your system is damaged and needs emergency AC repairs

Your Refrigerant Is Leaking

You will know that your refrigerant is leaking when you see a pool of liquid around the unit. Sometimes, it might be water from a cracked drain pan or dirty air filters. However, if you have checked the coils and they do not seem to have any leaks, you should get a technician to check the refrigerant. The refrigerant contains volatile compounds. Failure to repair it on time can lead to severe health complications for your family members. 

The Compressor Is Damaged

A faulty compressor is another common source of issues with your air conditioning system. The compressor is the part of your AC that performs the heat exchange. The hot air in the room passes through the system and makes the refrigerant evaporate. When the gaseous refrigerant gets to the compressor, it goes back to a liquid state. The heat gets released through the outdoor condenser unit. When you have a faulty compressor, the cooling process does not proceed as well as it should. Squealing noises often indicate that the compressor has serious issues that you might need to handle. It is best to hire a service expert to handle compressor issues. Typically, they are complex and require a lot of expertise. 

A Drain Line Has a Clog

A clogged drain line is another issue you need to worry about when dealing with your air conditioner unit. When the drain line has a clog, water from the system fills up inside the pan and overflows. The excess water which overflows can damage your entire air conditioner. You should check the air conditioner when it is humid outside. Also, allow a technician to handle any weaknesses with your air conditioner. If a drain line has a clog, you will need emergency repair services.

These are the three main problems that could lead to the complete failure of your air conditioner unit. Hire a competent technician to check your system when you notice these issues. Timely repairs help you avoid long-term complications.