A working air conditioner keeps your indoor space cool and cozy during the summer. It achieves this by regulating humidity and cooling the air. But although the AC should extract humidity from the hot summer air, the moisture shouldn't leave the system. Therefore, water pooling around the unit isn't a good sign and should be addressed through a professional AC repair. Find out the reasons why your AC appliance is leaky below.

Blocked Condensate Drain Line

Particles and dirt can accumulate in the condensate drain line in your AC unit and clog it over time. Additionally, mold and mineral deposits can build up in this component. If you don't clean your condensate drain line regularly, you will end up with a blockage. When there is an obstruction, water collects in the drain pan and might spill. Call your AC repair technician as you detect this issue. They'll unclog the drain line to ensure the condensate leaves the system as required. 

Filthy and Neglected Air Filters 

Filters trap air contaminants to boost indoor air quality. They collect pet dander, smoke, dust, and mold. If not cleaned or changed, they get clogged, limiting airflow around your home. In addition, the coolant doesn't absorb heat, resulting in frozen evaporator coils. The coils might freeze for some time and then thaw afterward. You'll spot leaking water from your indoor unit and puddles on the floor when this happens. 

Broken Drain Pan or Cracks in the Pan

A drain pan collects any condensation drips in your air conditioner. Unfortunately, this component can suffer damage due to typical wear and tear. For instance, it can develop cracks or rust due to old age. Consequently, water might start leaking instead of flowing into the drain line.

Fortunately, an air conditioning expert can seal the holes in your drain pan. A high-quality sealant will do an excellent job at patching the evident cracks. After that, you don't have to deal with irritating drips.

Damaged Condensate Pump

A condensate pump drains water away from your cooling system. This component is crucial if your AC is located in the attic or basement. Your indoor unit might accumulate water and start dripping if it's broken. At this point, you need a specialist to fix your condensate pump. They will also inspect the leaking points and fix the problems for proper functioning.

Your air conditioner could be leaky due to the above reasons. Therefore, it's advisable to seek AC repair services immediately you detect a leak to avoid additional problems such as moisture and water damage.