With the heat waves looming, you will need an AC to combat the rising temperatures and excess humidity. However, if your window AC fails on a sweltering hot day, it might result in a musty and warm ambiance. Since these indoor conditions undermine your productivity, it is vital to engage the services of an AC repair professional. They will examine your unit for malfunctions and remedy them promptly to prevent costly repairs and replacements from secondary damage. The following are problems with the window AC.

Water Dripping

If water is dripping from the front of your unit, it could be defective. This is due to a faulty condensate pump that fails to push water from the system, causing it to back up in the reservoir. Moreover, the drain pan may break and leak due to exposure to outdoor temperatures that can interfere with the system. Finally, if the unit is tilted on a slope toward the inside, water will drip from the front. Thus, you should contact an AC professional to replace the condensate pan and pump and mount it with a slight slope towards the rear end.

Compressor Short Cycling

If your compressor turns on, runs for a short time, and then turns off before completing a full cooing cycle, it could be malfunctioning. This is due to a faulty temperature sensor that misreads the temperatures, causing the compressor to shut off once it starts to prevent excess heat. Moreover, your compressor will trip off on a thermal overload, implying it is overheating, and then cool down and reset itself again. Therefore, you should hire an AC repair technician to replace the temperature sensor and place it close to the coils to regulate the air temperature.

AC Icing Up 

If there is an insufficient refrigerant charge, the coils will freeze up. This is due to a leak depleting the refrigerant, leading to significant expansion as it changes from liquid to gas. As a result, this expansion decreases temperature, freezing the moisture, hence ice on the unit. Furthermore, if you run your air handler during a cold day, the refrigerant can get too cold and freeze the moisture in room air before it circulates through the coils.

Weak Airflow

If you notice low performance, the coolant could be depleting. This is because coolant facilitates heat exchange by absorbing heat, dissipating it outdoors, and sending cool air inside. Thus, if the lines carrying the coolant spring a leak, the cooling out will reduce as the coolant gradually depletes. You should engage an AC technician to seal the leaks and recharge your system for maximum efficiency.

Servicing your window AC is paramount to sustaining optimal cooling performance. Therefore, schedule regular tune-ups with an AC service such as Metro Express Service to ensure your unit operates at peak efficiency.