A modern air conditioning system can experience a wide range of potential problems that could greatly impair its ability to function. Unfortunately, the range of potential problems that could impact this system may make it more difficult for a homeowner to effectively diagnose and correct these issues when they start to develop in their unit.

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant that flows through the air conditioning unit will play a critical role in removing the heat from the air that the system is cooling. Modern AC systems are designed with a fully closed refrigerator fluid system, and this means that the level of refrigerant should remain consistent over time. However, if a leak forms in this system, much of this fluid may start to seep out of the system. This could have drastic consequences on the performance of the system. Fortunately, it is generally possible for a person to locate and repair the refrigerant leak. AC repair services can do this by pressurizing the system so that the source of the leak can become more visible.

Faulty Heat Exchange System

The heat exchange system is another important part of the air conditioning unit. This will allow the refrigerant to release the heat that it has absorbed and condense back into a liquid. Unfortunately, the condenser can be a part of the system that may be especially prone to failure. This could result in the unit being unable to properly cycle the refrigerant. When this problem is occurring, it will often result in the unit only being able to provide cool air for a very limited amount of time. Generally, the most effective repair for this will be to fully replace the condenser unit, and while this may require a professional to complete, it can be a fairly affordable repair to make. You can avoid the need to have this done again in the future by making sure to regularly clean the unit so that it will have good airflow as this will allow the condenser to release the heat that it is generating.

Flooded Interior

During the course of the air conditioner's operations, it will produce large amounts of condensation. A drain is built into AC units to allow this condensation to drain out of the unit. Yet, this drain can become clogged or suffer other problems. This can be a particularly problematic issue for the unit as the water will be able to cause significant damage to many of the components in the unit.

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