Having air conditioning installed in your home can be so exciting. If you've been sweating away the summers with only a fan to provide airflow, adding AC to your home will be life-changing. However, there is a cost involved with installing AC, and that cost can vary widely from home to home. The following are some key factors that impact the cost of AC installation.

Type of System

When you think of residential air conditioning, you probably picture a standard, central air conditioning system with an outdoor condenser and an indoor evaporator coil. But this is just one type of AC system. There are also ductless mini split systems, which have a compressor and air handlers that mount through the wall. Then, there are high-velocity AC systems, which use narrow tubes instead of wide ducts. An HVAC contractor will often recommend whatever type of system is easiest to install in your home. If you choose a different kind of system, your costs may be higher since the HVAC contractors will have to do more work.

Size of the Unit

The larger your home, the larger your AC will need to be. You'll pay more for a larger AC unit than for a smaller one. As such, it is important to make sure you follow your HVAC contractor's advice when sizing your unit. Don't size up just because you want more cooling capacity. Not only will an oversized AC unit cost more, but it may also experience more wear and tear than usual, potentially causing it to fail prematurely. 

Duct Changes

If you are having your AC unit integrated with current ductwork, the cost of the project will depend on how much work the AC contractors have to do on your ducts. If they have to extend your ducts, this will add to the cost of installation.

Electrical Changes

Are there already electrical connections available near the AC installation site? Or will your HVAC contractor have to run new wires? If the installers need to run new wiring, or if they also have to install a new circuit, this will make your installation more expensive.

The only way to know how much your AC installation will cost is to get a quote. In fact, you may want to get two or three quotes. The cost can also vary between companies based on their location, insurance, and the brand of appliances they install.

Reach out to a local HVAC contractor to learn more about air conditioning installation services.